A new paradigm...

A different view of a container in motion!  Our current focus is strategic partnerships with forward thinking organizations. Challenging the industry to innovative ways of viewing supply chain and monetizing leverage ...

Leverage your volume

Leverage your volume

Whether you ship 50 containers a year, or 5000, we negotiate various contracts with various lines based on the consolidated freight volume of our members, giving you tremendous options.

Agile and competitive

Agile and competitive

The current market is dynamic, and often, unforgiving.  By outsourcing time intensive rate negotiations to MASA, not only can you be assured of competitive rates at contract season, but throughout the year.

MASA featured in Virginia Maritimer
Thursday, 14 May 2009 08:57

The Mid-Atlantic Shippers' Association has made it a top priority to help businesses achieve the savings necessary to compete, but ultimately, to ship more product.  In these times, anything that can improve the bottom line has a far-reaching impact.  Indirectly, that means driving more business through the Port of Virginia or any US port in which MASA members move containers.

We are fortunate that the Virginia Port Authority recognizes the potential that MASA can have on the region and has included us in their May-June 2009 Issue of their trade magazine, Virginia Maritimer.

You can find the MASA feature on Page 16 of the May-June 2009 Virginia Maritimer magazine using this link.

Mid-Atlantic Shippers' Association, Inc. Open for Membership
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 19:00
The all new Mid-Atlantic Shippers' Association, Inc. (MASA, Inc.), established as a non-stock, member association, is up and running.  At the present moment, MASA is organizing the board of directors and accepting applications for those companies wishing to become members in this up and coming association.

Formed strictly with business owners and shippers in mind, we have taken great care to attract the best management to oversee the legal matters, as well as the all important customer relations and carrier rate negotiations.  By consolidating container movement under one association, and leveraging that with an already capable and knowledgeable rate negotiating team, we deliver to the association members a service that pays for itself.  And in these challenging times, it is the innovation, efficiency, and attentiveness to the bottom line that determines who survives and who does not.

Founded by Hampton Roads natives, and targeted to Mid-Atlantic businesses, MASA truly is your hometown ally in the global economic arena.


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